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Rethinking Estate Planning

Much research in the legal industry has focused on the question of what factors contribute or impede not only the transfer of wealth but also the sustainability of families and their business enterprises. While attorneys have written extensively about the confiscatory nature of the estate tax system, the tax code in not the only culprit..

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Submitted by Roy P. Kozupsky, Partner

Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP



Knock, Knock. It's the IRS.

Many higher-wealth individuals are being told to prepare for more income tax audits by the Internal Revenue Service. Recent statistics seem to support that view.

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Submitted by David R. Stafseth, CPA
Vogel Consulting
Chicago, IL, USA


Business Sales and Legacy Decisions

The opportunities and challenges in making the trade-offs.

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Submitted by Bernstein Global Wealth Management 
New York, NY, USA



When You Sell Your Business, Will You Get What You Need? 

Thinking through deal terms and likely wealth outcomes. The deal structured to give you the most money up-front may - or may not - best meet your financial and personal needs.

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Submitted by Bernstein Global Wealth Management
New York, NY, USA



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