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AFHE members provide strategic business guidance with the deep resources needed to address the complex and unique legal challenges of family-held enterprises. Our members have impressive credentials and a history of producing outstanding results.


In today’s day and age with technology being such a static in everyone’s lives AFHE had to adhere to societal pressures and join the social media revolution. There have been great advantages by joining the social media revolution such as the following:

Visual Substance

You may have noticed that over the past several months we have included an abundance of images, podcasts, webinars, videos, and other visual content in order to be more recognizable.

Ever-Changing Content

The content that is loaded onto AFHE’s website needs to be pertinent, ever-changing informative and useful. By updating the website with fresh content every so often it will make our website and organization pertinent and relevant in the family business market place.


Social media generates a ton of data, both in terms of analytics about posts on social media channels and in terms of what members and potential members are posting about our association and the profession it represents. Each social media platform has its own analytics, we have implemented Google analytics for our association's website.

There are lots of potential insights available from the data that is generated by social media and Google analytics. We have generated a report related to both of these analytics and have uploaded it onto our website in the members only section.

By implementing social media marketing platforms on AFHE’s website we have made great strides in perpetuating and promoting AFHE’s mission, vision and values. We are acquiring the brand recognition that AFHE deserves.

The use of social media platforms and the new technologies that are among us in today’s day and age must be adhered to otherwise the organization will not grow, or become effective, and we will lose momentum in the family business enterprise arena.


Publicity is an effective way to raise awareness of an issue, an event, a campaign or AFHE as an organization. AFHE publicizes and celebrates its members and sponsors achievements through its website, marketing materials, publications, and other communications. Publicity can be used in relation to a specific subject matter, raising awareness of a pressing issue or publicizing the details of our upcoming Annual Conference & Membership Meeting, our Mid-Year Conference, one of our educational webinars, or a number of other AFHE programs and/or events.


It is the vision of the Board of Directors and the Conference Committee to inform, entertain, educate, and provide a networking forum for our members and sponsors. Our sponsor’s generous contributions annually help make our vision a reality. Sponsorships are the backbone of any organization. It is our sponsor’s support that makes it possible for AFHE to produce exceptional events for our members and sponsors in environments as beautiful and professional as our past venues. AFHE’s success is in large part due to our sponsorship contributions and support.


AFHE's membership is located worldwide and serves as a valuable resource to connect public and privately-held family business enterprises, with qualified attorneys and other professionals who have dedicated experience with issues facing family-held businesses. The organizations network and resources are valuable assets. AFHE provides a multi-disciplinary counsel and advice to publicly and privately-held enterprises, their owner-managers and family members.

AFHE serves as a resource for individuals, business entities, trade associations, the business press, and other groups seeking information concerning attorneys with the experience, expertise, and qualifications to address privately-held business issues. AFHE members focus on the establishment, growth, and success of family-held enterprises, the engine behind entrepreneurship.

AFHE provides value to its members through collaboration and access to many legal and non-legal professionals in a variety of practice areas. As a member, AFHE shares information not typically found in textbooks, which enhances the member’s ability to solve their client’s problems through a multi-disciplinary approach.


AFHE offers an abundance of value to their members and sponsors. We offer networking, camaraderie, volunteerism, continuing legal education, educational webinars, informational podcasts, social media platforms and communications with our membership and sponsors. Your AFHE membership includes a full membership (including membership benefits) in Family Firm Institute (FFI), AFHE's partner association – a $785 value! You also receive everything else that goes with being a member/sponsor of AFHE. We understand that while we work hard we have to have some down time in order to relax and enjoy ourselves. That is why we have chosen environments as beautiful and professional as our past venues.





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